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Annalisa – All the good of the land

A passion turned into a company

Annalisa was established in the mid-1930s and has evolved without losing sight of its roots and tradition.

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From the artisan passion for Mediterranean flavours to the dynamic Group winning over 50 different markets: the Annalisa flavour has come a long way. This development was favoured by investments in technology – with the refurbishment of the plants in Castel San Giorgio (80,000 m²) and Oliveto Citra (25,000 m²) – to bring them in line with Italian and international standards: the production cycle is certified to ISO 9001; the environmental impact of raw material processing is certified to ISO 14001. Transparent supply chain, natural growing methods, extreme attention to the health of consumers and to environmental impact: these are the total quality principles adopted by Annalisa.


Every single product is controlled according to strict international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22005, EEC 834/2007, Kosher, JAS, NOP, IFS, BRC), certifying food hygiene, safety and quality.

Iso 9001 Iso 14001 Cee 834/2007
  • Iso 22005
  • Kosher Jas
  • Nop
  • Ifs
  • Brc

From the province to the world

The seed of Annalisa quality germinated in 1935, through the many sacrifices and no compromises of the Salerno-based Lodato and Senesi families when they began processing the products of the land in a small, family-run workshop. A small facility with a big heart, inspired by that typical stubborn, fighting spirit of those people who have always humoured the rhythms of nature. Over time, the production centre expanded, driven by the passion for traditional flavours, the constant research into quality and the farsighted vision of the founders. The true turning point for the business arrived in 1965, when it was turned into a Group and entered the international markets: in over 50 countries around the world, the Annalisa name became synonymous with excellence in the food processing and preserving industry.

The constantly changing flavor of tradition

A quick glance at the extensive range of products is all you need to realise how the company has managed to keep up with the times – even anticipating consumer tastes – without ever losing its Mediterranean vocation. The star of Annalisa’s success is the “Red” line, with an extensive range offering the authentic taste of tomatoes; the love for wholesome flavours returns in the new Legumes line – ready straight away to use in any recipe. Legumes and cereals were then combined to create Soups – the consummate comfort food – famous for being fragrant and quick to make; last but not least, Fruit, whose colours and aroma make it the perfect addition to a Mediterranean meal. Annalisa still embraces its passion for local traditions and respect for the territory: proof of this lies in the Italian Legumes line. This line was developed in association with the Slow Food Presidia – aiming to protect biodiversity and to revive products that are slowly dying out – offering seven regional varieties of traditional legumes.

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